Green tea in Nespresso compatible capsules, completely natural, with a fresh, pungent flavour and well-known antioxidant and tonic properties. Excellent with fresh mint leaves, both hot and cold.

About Te@Espresso

About Te@Espresso

A range of teas and herbal teas made from top-quality leaves, in Nespresso compatible capsules, 100% natural and compostable. The properties and aromatic freshness of the leaves, carefully selected and shredded, remain unaltered inside the capsule, and the Nespresso dispensing system guarantees the perfect infusion of the raw ingredients.

This produces drinks with rich, intense flavours in just a few seconds.

Explore our range and begin your journey into the world of tea.

All the flavour of a capsule to

Respecting the environment is as simple as drinking a cup of tea

Just choose a compostable capsule, made with materials suitable for ecological disposal, and it can be thrown away with your organic waste, which will then be transformed into fertiliser for the soil.

This is the principle at the heart of the so-called circular economy, which reduces the risks connected to excessive exploitation of environmental resources. A simple gesture that conceals great awareness of and responsibility for our ecosystem.

Natural ingredients

They preserve all the original sensory characteristics of the tea and release higher levels of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds into the infusion.

Easy preparation

Te@Espresso has the advantage of being easy and quick to use: each capsule contains just the right amount of tea leaves and is compatible with Nespresso machines.

Unbeatable speed

Just press the button on your machine and set the time according to your own taste, for a perfect cup of natural tea in seconds.

Green goodness

Inside each capsule you will find only real tea leaves, simply cut, which preserve all the natural qualities of this ancient drink.