About Te@Espresso

A new way to
drink tea

A new way to drink tea

Te@Espresso is a brand from ItalyTrade, an Italian food production company that produces and distributes pre-portioned coffee and tea in Nespresso compatible capsules.


Created with the goal of offering a practical, fast, and natural way to drink tea and herbal tea without sacrificing quality, our Te@Espresso brand includes 7 blends of leaves, carefully selected at source, broken down and packaged in convenient compatible and compostable capsules.

Capsules that help
the environment

Te@Espresso capsules are made for all herbal drink lovers who want to reduce their impact on the environment, without sacrificing the intense, natural taste of a great cup of tea.


While a normal capsule is destined to be thrown away with plastic, aluminium, or sometimes even general waste, a Te@Espresso capsule is completely compostable and not only does it not harm the environment, but it also contributes to the birth of new plants.​

Flavour and sustainability