Our blends

Our blends in compostable capsules

A range of teas and herbal teas made from top-quality leaves, picked and selected with care, and shredded and pre-portioned in compostable single-serving capsules compatible with the Nespresso system.

Discover all the Te@Espresso blends and enter a world of authentic flavours.


Pure, natural chamomile buds, which provide a rich, full aroma in the cup, along with the flower's traditional relaxing properties.

Earl Grey

A tea with a pleasant, citrusy fragrance and a velvety flavour that can be tasted as it is or sweetened with a drop of honey.

Lemon Tea

Black tea with a strong, intense flavour, combined with the citrusy notes of lemon. Perfect for a pleasant, refreshing break at any time of day.

Marrakesh Mint

Our traditional blend of green tea scented with mint, perfect for those who want a thirst-quenching drink with a fresh taste and an intense, balsamic fragrance.

English Breakfast

Our classic breakfast blend is made from the best black tea varieties. Perfect for starting the day, or for a break, English style.

Green tea

A totally natural blend, with a fresh, pungent flavour, well-known for its antioxidant and tonic properties. Pure Gunpowder Green Tea.

China Jasmine

A green tea blend flavoured with jasmine, with a soft, intense flavour. A regenerative drink that incorporates the beneficial properties of jasmine flowers.

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